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Sugar Baby
Sugar Baby

Ure Jai Bok Pokkhi | উরে যায় বক পক্ষী | Episode 14-26 End | Shaon | Farukh Ahmed | Masum Aziz |

5,213,297 views 18 Aug 2016 #MeherAfrozShaon #BanglaNatok #BanglaNewNatok2019

Natok : Ure Jai Bok Pokkhi ( Episode 14-26 End ) উরে যায় বক পক্ষী Director : Humayun Ahmed Producer : Nuhash Cholochitro Cast : Meher Afroz Shaon, Farukh Ahmed, Masum Aziz, and Many More Language : Bangla Label : G Series


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