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Our Initiatives

IImmerse yourself in Mexico’s unique flavors, sights, and innovations through our dedicated initiatives

Cultural Events and Festivals

Organizing and hosting cultural events throughout the year, such as traditional music & dance performances, art exhibitions, culinary festivals, and holiday celebrations.


Community Outreach and Engagement

Engaging with the local community through outreach initiatives and community events aimed at fostering cross-cultural understanding, promoting diversity, and building connections within the community

Initiatives - Community.jpg
Initiatives - Community.jpg

Spanish Language Classes

Spanish language classes for individuals of all ages and proficiency levels, providing opportunities for language learning and cultural immersion.

Initiatives - Spanish Classes.jpg
Initiatives - Spanish Classes.jpg

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities to contribute to the organization's mission and activities. This may include roles such as event volunteers, language class assistants, cultural ambassadors, and community outreach coordinators.

Initiatives - Volunteer.jpg
Initiatives - Volunteer.jpg

Educational Programs and Resources

Educational programs, workshops, lectures, and online resources aimed at promoting understanding and appreciation of Mexican culture, history, traditions, and arts.


Casa Mexico


Engage with Mexico’s vibrant culture, traditions, and entrepreneurial spirit through captivating conversations and stories. Subscribe Voices of Mexico Podcast for inspiring episodes celebrating the best of Mexico

Initiatives - Podcast.jpg
Initiatives - Podcast.jpg
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About Us

Casa Mexico is a foundation dedicated to promoting Mexican culture, tourism, and entrepreneurship, providing a platform for artistic expression and community engagement.



Suite 375, 1721 29 Ave. SW
Calgary, AB, t2t 6t7

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