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Kyle Kharidia

BlueStacks App Player

as always, if you find a bug, please email and we'll fix it as soon as possible. we're also now working on providing some kind of upgrade to the storage limit when you try to install apps from other sources. we'll tell you when we're ready and that will probably be with the next update.

BlueStacks App Player

it's easy to download the appplayer and continue to use it to play a variety of android games in windows, mac, and linux environments. download the new appplayer from the appzone player website at

bluestacks also offers a chrome browser just like you get on your mobile device. there's also a slack app to communicate with your teammates, and you can print to your favourite printers. you can even save money on software and games. bluestacks offers a free version for windows 8 and up, and its paid version can be used on windows 7 and xp. it costs $6.99 on windows 8 and 8.1, and $9.99 for windows 7 and xp.

bluestacks has received a lot of positive reviews on the web and some of its reviews show that it's very easy to use. it has a few shortcomings such as the lack of support for some things like adobe reader, but overall, it's a very useful program, especially if you're looking to use apps on your desktop like google play and the android version of amazon's appstore.

the good news is that its security features are more robust than ever. if it was exploited, bluestacks will certainly give you some type of warning. you can also avoid getting hacked because bluestacks scans your apps and shows you all the known security risks.


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