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Mexican Music Producer & Mix Engineer in Calgary!

¡Músicos latinos!⚡️ On June 28, Mexican producer and engineer JC Hernandez is in Calgary for a one-time only workshop for Latin music producers and engineers - en Español! The workshops have a recording/production and live component: - recording and production at the amazing Studio Bell National Music Centre @nmc_canada limited access recording studios with museum-quality gear! - live sound engineer/tech and Q&A session at Aroma Cafe Bar @aromacafebaryyc. This is also an open mic so come perform! JC is an expert in both western popular styles (pop, rock, EDM) and Latin genres like cumbia, bachata, norteño, mariachi, and many others. JC has produced and engineered for clients around the world and was a music producer for La Voz Mexico. Please visit the @casamexicofoundation website at to registerEste evento es en español.——This event is brought to you by Casa Mexico, @spanicarts, Studio Bell National Music Centre, Aroma Cafe, and @sheqaudio.

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