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Best Taco in Town


Call for Participating Restaurants 


From May 1 to May 31 Casa Mexico is hosting the Best Tacos in Town Contest 2021. 


We are excited to extending an invitation to restaurants selling tacos in town to participate in our community contest “The Best Tacos in Town” which is looking to support and promote your business while at the same time promoting Mexican culture in our city. In addition your participation at “The Best Tacos in Town” will support the vision of Casa Mexico’s to promote the best of Mexico abroad and the great cause of Calgary Meals on Wheels to feed our most vulnerable people. 


The contest will take place from May 1 to May 31, 2021 where visitors to your restaurant will have the opportunity to taste your tacos or burritos and vote for their preferred option at Casa Mexico platform. 


The restaurant with most votes made by the public will be winners of this friendly contest. The winner will receive a recognition and be invited to participate at an interview about its restaurant at Casa Mexico. 


The entrance participation fee is $100 per participant location; plus a contribution of $1.00 per each taco or burrito order sold during the duration of the contest that will be allocated as follows: $0.50 cents will go to Casa Mexico Foundation and $0.50 cents will go to Calgary Meals on Wheels.


Deadline to participate is April 15, 2021. 


Categories in 2021:


Best Tacos in Town

Best Burrito

To participate please send your participation fee ($100 per participating location) and fill out the participation form with details of your business. Please send your logo and a picture of a plate in jpeg high resolution to


For any questions please contact Miguel Cortines at

Visit to learn more about us. 

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