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Casa Mexico receives SANDSTONE City Builder Award

CASA MEXICO was one of the recipients of the 2022 Cultural Leaders Legacy Arts Awards. Casa Mexico received the SANDSTONE City Builder Ward.

The award was presented to Miguel Cortines, President of Casa Mexico by Mayor Gyoti Gondek and by SANSDTONE Asset Management President Brent Prickler and Community Relations Manager Cheryl Sung. Miguel Cortines was accompanied by Dr. Halia Valladares, Vice President of Casa Mexico.

Congratulations to all the team of Casa Mexico and to all the community that works with us promoting the best of Mexico.

And, Congratulations to the recipients of the 2022 Cultural Leaders Legacy Arts Awards! The winners were announced this evening at the Celebration for the Arts hosted by Mayor Gondek and each receives a $5,000 cash prize, which is funded by a contribution from a local philanthropist or organization with equal matching money from Calgary Arts Development.

This year, 51 artists and organizations were nominated, representing just some of the artistry that vitalizes our city every day. Recipients are selected by a jury of peers. We thank all the nominees and congratulate this year’s recipients (pictured clockwise from top left):

• SANDSTONE City Builder Award: Casa Mexico Foundation (Miguel Cortines) • Calgary Catholic Immigration Society New Canadian Artist Award: Claudia Chagoya • Rozsa Foundation Emerging Arts Manager Award: Daniel Cardinal McCartney • Doug and Lois Mitchell Outstanding Calgary Artist Award: Sandra Sawatzky • TD Bank Group Indigenous Artist Award: Danielle Piper • Mamdani Arts Leadership Award: Stephanie Hutchinson • ATB Financial Healing Through the Arts Award: Janey Luc-German • RBC Emerging Artist Award: Sarah Uwadiae

Watch the 2022 awards presentation to learn more about the winners and their impact on our community:

Danny McCartney Claudia Chagoya Danielle Piper Casa Mexico Foundation Janey Luc-German Stephanie Hutchinson Sarah Uwadiae

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